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A functioning local capital ecosystem needs investors willing to take risks, be patient, and act responsively with access to capital. LOCUS helps institutions – foundations, hospitals, health care systems – become investors for community prosperity. In our 5-year impact report, we will track our impact on places, institutions, quality of practice, and dollars on the move. And we know there is a lot of work to do to change how our financial system works for places and people in communities across our country.

LOCUS Impact Investing services NIIF’s growing and diverse investment portfolio, enabling them to maintain a lean staff and invest only in the infrastructure they need to scale community impact.

Part of what LOCUS champions is the idea that communities already have many of the assets needed to realize the visions and possibilities of their people and places. In fact, many of those assets are anchored in institutional and philanthropic endowments. We believe that these institutions have an obligation to activate more of those assets through local investment strategies.