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Check here for featured blog content authored by our team and invited guests, highlighted LOCUS news, and updates from the field of place-based impact investing!

We are proud to introduce the newest member to the team! Incoming LOCUS President Sarah Stremalu arrives with 20 years of experience helping philanthropic, nonprofit, and government leaders grow their impact by being more data driven, strategic, and innovative in their approach to the great work they do. We’re confident she will leverage her wealth of knowledge to bring LOCUS and CIGP to the next level on the national stage.

On this month's LOCast, we sidebar with Opportunity Virginia's Becca Richardson to recap the project's inaugural year and look forward to what's next for Virginia's premiere Opportunity Zone marketplace.

LOCUS and its foundation partners are bringing their experience on a changing philanthropic culture through recent talks with CNote and the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance. This month, LOCUS team members Lisa O'Mara and Travis Green discuss how foundations are reshaping their culture and strategy to meet new goals for impact.