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Changing the Culture of Philanthropy

Change has been brewing in the philanthropic field for some time. For several years, foundations have been considering their status as anchor institutions in the communities they serve and exploring how endowments can be leveraged beyond a traditional source of grantmaking capital. Today the dual crises of COVID-19 and deep-rooted, systemic inequality have jump-started those conversations as philanthropy responds to rapidly changing circumstances.

LOCUS and its foundation partners are bringing their experience to the conversation through recent talks with CNote and the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA). This month, LOCUS team members Lisa O'Mara and Travis Green discuss how foundations are reshaping their culture and strategy to meet new goals for impact.

Be sure to check out Lisa's full conversation with CNote here. Anyone interested in gaining access to IPA's full suite of Philanthropy Leads talks, including Travis' sessions, can go here.

Click here to read the Carsey School of Public Policy's recent report, Behavioral Finance of Impact Investing.