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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Practice

A Conversation with the Albuquerque Community Foundation

Racial injustice and inequality stem from deep rooted, generation spanning issues that are unique to every community. Today, these systemic failures have snowballed into massive disparities in wealth, capital, and economic entry-points. Foundations, though, represent anchor institutions in the communities they serve and are well-poised to support local efforts to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion.

LOCUS has been engaging in conversations with community foundations to learn how they're acting on the groundswell of anti-racist activism in the wake of George Floyd's murder. On this episode of the LOCast, we sit with Marisa Megallanez and Joanna Colangelo of the Albuquerque Community Foundation to discuss what DEI means for the foundation and what programs they've launched to put those values into practice.

Be sure to check out the Albuquerque Community Foundation and the great work they do on their website.