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Community Philanthropy Investor Circle

Community foundations have been making local impact investments for decades, but a shared practice is just now emerging. Starting in fall 2020, LOCUS began convening community foundation local impact investors to network, share stories, and strengthen local impact investing practices for the community foundation field.

Below, register for our upcoming Circle conversations and download our resources from past discussions.

NOTE: Our September 14 Circle session has been postponed. See the updated schedule below.

Our Next Circle

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Circle Library

After each Circle conversation, the LOCUS Local Investment Strategy team develops briefs to summarize key takeaways and contribute to the local impact investing field. Feel free to download our findings, and don't hesitate to reach out to the team with any questions.

Work in Progress Resources

We build our circle resources in collaboration with the local impact investing field. Click below to complete our feedback intake survey and download a draft copy of our latest resources. We welcome feedback on the draft tools tools we produce, so please forward any thoughts or comments to

Across the country, more impact investors are looking to do good while still earning a return on their capital; however, many practitioners remain disconnected from truly catalytic investments. The practice has yet to broadly reach its change-making potential as a result. This resource reflects on the promise offered by impact investing and gives recommendations on how the field of philanthropy can fulfil it.

Past Resources

In this resource, we discuss how community foundations resource their local impact investing efforts, anticipate possible expenses, and cover those costs on an annual basis. This resource was informed by a conversation with practitioners as well as survey responses provided by a group of community foundations.

In this resource, we examine the ways in which local impact investing programs add value for donors, how this nontraditional philanthropic practice can be communicated to them, and how to finally engage donors to build collaborative impact investing initiatives.

We investigate in practical terms how community foundations construct their local impact investing programs and develop a summary decision-making matrix illustrating different design elements.