Here you will find a collection of presentations and videos from LOCUS and the field of impact investing.

LOCUS Presentations
  • Recently, Deb Markley shared ideas about partnering with foundations during a training for North Carolina Economic Development District staff and partners. Her presentation explored ideas for staff to more effectively partner with foundations to build more successful regions.

  • Recently, LOCUS' President, Teri Lovelace, attended the CFUnited conference where she participated in a panel titled "Impact Investing with Our CDFI." Included here are the slides used in the presentation.

  • PowerPoint presentation given on Oct. 3, 2017

  • This LOCUS presentation goes over our Local Investing for Impact frame work designed for philanthropic organizations looking to make change through non-traditional philanthropy.

LOCUS Videos
Impact Investing 101

Hear Teri Lovelace, LOCUS President, discuss "Impact Investing" on Jan. 10, 2017 at the CFA Society Virginia Speaker Series.

Illuminating Solutions, Shifting Capital

In this 5-minute video, hear Teri Lovelace, LOCUS President, describe what impact investing can do at the 2016 BALLE Leadership Summit.

Videos from the Field
Impact Investing for Foundations

A discussion of what impact investing means for foundations with:

Brian Toller, Past Chair, Ottawa Community Foundation and Member Impact Investing Committee; Rasool Rayani, Past Chair and Investment Committee Member, Victoria Foundation; Terry Cooke, President and CEO, Hamilton Community Foundation; Colette Murphy, Executive Director, Atkinson Foundation; Sharon Avery, President and CEO, Toronto Foundation

The Power of the Guarantee

This video by the Kresge Foundation shows how guarantees can create powerful change in a community. With guarantees, socially motivated investors create a backstop and eliminate risk, allowing others to feel comfortable putting their dollars into play.

How Mission-Related Investments Work

Hear from the Ford Foundation about how mission investments work.

Mainstreaming Impact Investing

This video from the World Economic Forum is an introduction to Impact Investing - an investment approach that seeks to create a measurable financial and social return.