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LOCUS Philanthropy Tools

For Local Impact Investing

With the 2017 acquisition of the nationally recognized nonprofit Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, LOCUS now provides a full range of research and analysis related to community development philanthropy, including Unlock Your Transfer of Wealth™, to help place-focused foundations identify and implement strategies that create a more prosperous community. 

Explore Our Tools

  • We work with foundation staff and board members to identify your current and desired community impact – and to consider how you can have greater impact. We also assess the community environment for impact investing by identifying areas where investing may already be happening and who local partners might be.

  • We draw insights from a range of secondary data to help foundation and community leaders understand the local and regional economy, and the demographic, employment and income trends for a community. We also identify drivers of economic success so that foundation investment strategies can be targeted to real development opportunities.

  • This research is designed to help foundations see where local investing can achieve impact and to identify partners supportive of foundation action. We use data analysis to help foundations understand their local/regional opportunities for impact investing and identify ways investing can achieve community development solutions.

  • A Transfer of Wealth™ analysis estimates the wealth that will transfer across generations over the next 10 and 50 years. Foundations across the country have used their TOW numbers as a call to action for endowment building. This untapped resource is a useful tool for foundations committed to economic development and local impact investing.

  • Using market research, we provide foundations with the location and characteristics of “high capacity” and other types of households within a county or zip code area. With this information, foundations can be strategic in allocating resources for engaging donors and investors and be more targeted in building new philanthropic partnerships.

Want to Know More About LOCUS?

If you're interested in knowing more about what LOCUS has to offer or what we can do for your foundation, contact Sydney England at or call our office at 804-793-0985