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Investment Advisory

LOCUS Investment Advisory offers a range of products and services to place-focused philanthropy, impact investing institutions and funds that need support developing investment vehicles, locating and evaluating potential investment opportunities, designing and operating asset pools, and administering and servicing impact assets.  These advisory services allow our clients to make informed investment decisions, mitigate risk, ease transacting & monitoring friction, enhance deployment processes, and aggregate multiple sources of impact capital.  LOCUS Investment Advisory is part of LOCUS Capital, a Registered Investment Advisor affiliate of LOCUS.

Explore our Solutions

Transaction Services

Investment Development and Structuring

  • Technical financial assistance for potential investees including business plan development, financial analysis, and impact identification
  • Preliminary assessments of potential investments that identify areas of risk and opportunity, with recommendations for pre-due diligence and underwriting areas to address
  • Evaluations of investment capital stacks and potential sourcing of other investment capital, partners, or enhancing capital sources such as grants or guarantees

Due Diligence and Underwriting

  • Investigation of potential investment and principals
  • Assess ability of investee to deliver on financial and impact expectations
  • Identification of risks and recommendations for mitigation

Fund Management

Fund Design and Development

  • Build out overall fund thesis, structures and governance – including investment policies, asset classes & product offerings, credit/investment criteria, impact goals/metrics, and target investors
  • Development of fund financial model, including return profile and structure and mechanics
  • Liaise with legal counsel to formalize structure & create necessary legal entity structure and offering documents
  • Support capital raise activity including formulating strategy, creating investor materials, participating in research & outreach, and managing due diligence

Fund Operations

  • Establish and manage systems, strategies, and processes for attracting deal flow, managing pipeline, decisioning & executing investments, and tracking & reporting financial & impact performance
  • Manage internal or outsourced asset servicing & portfolio management, financial & impact reporting, administration / accounting, budgeting & cash management, audit, investor relations, etc.

Asset Servicing

Portfolio Administration

  • Maintain assets including: principal and interest balance management; tracking of equity commitments & expectations and guarantee status; covenant tracking and compliance; and investee/investor interactions and customer care
  • Manage cash including: capital calls and disbursements to clients and investors; capital provision to borrowers, owners, and/or guarantors; interest, principal, fees, and other billing and payment collection; and sweeps and distributions to clients

Reporting and Analytics

  • Financial reporting to client and investors including risk monitoring and evaluation reporting
  • Impact data collection and tracking to client and investors
  • Assistance with tax and audit preparation as well as provision of accounting General Ledger feeds to clients