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Rural Policy Learning Commons Webinar Presentation

In conjunction with the Regional Solutions project, we participated in a webinar hosted by the Rural Policy Learning Commons. Project Co-Director Brian Dabson acted as a panelist and presented the study's findings to attendees.


The webinar presents the findings of a recent study in the United States, Regional Solutions for Rural and Urban Challenges. The study’s first objective is to identify and curate examples of policy and practice that demonstrate boundary-crossing, multi-sector solutions to regional challenges. These must advance opportunity, health, and well-being in a region without leaving behind rural areas and low-income people and people of color. The second objective is to use the learning and insights from these examples to inform and inspire action among local, state, and national leadership in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors, by showing how, and under what conditions, regional solutions can be effective and to articulate policy, research, and practice agenda that can be supportive. The webinar will focus on the main findings and lessons for policy, practice, and research.

Click below to download a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation created for the panel.