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Delta Conversation

Early in the project, the Regional Solutions for Rural and Urban Challenges project team conducted about 40 stakeholder interviews to (a) gain affirmation (or otherwise) on the value and relevance of the project in the research, policy, and practice arenas; (b) obtain perspectives on framing, elements to be included or taken into account; (c) invite recommendations for examples of regional efforts, other people to interview, additional literature to be reviewed, and potential venues for disseminating the project’s findings; and (d) raise awareness of the project. From these interviews and additional due diligence on potential sites, the team conducted in-depth fieldwork in California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Texas, and North Carolina. One area of the country not represented was the South, with its complex and deep-seated challenges of race and disinvestment.

To address this gap, the project team partnered with community development leaders from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to host a Delta Conversation with a small group of targeted intermediaries with policy and practice interests in the region. The project team provided an update on early findings from the project and then invited a conversation with and between these principal organizations, so that their insights could inform the project before its completion.

To learn more, click here to download a PDF of the Conversation Summary or the image below to download the Delta Conversation PowerPoint Presentation.